Radial Gates are so named because they are made to the shape of a portion of a cylinder. These are provided on the Crest of the dam for control of floods or to store water for irrigation power generation. These are considered to be the most economical suitable for controlled discharge because of their simplicity, lightweight low hoisting requirement.


The design of Radial Gates is standardized in following sizes:

Radial Gate Sizes
Hoist Capacity
12 x 5 M
20 Ton
12 x 6.5M
36 Ton
12 x 8M
42 Ton
15 x 12M
105 Ton

Proper selection, installation & operation of these Gates is utmost important for the efficient functioning of the dam & its safety.

Radial Gates are usually hoisted by means of Twin Rope Drum Electrically operated Hoists or Hydraulic Hoist.