In LIS water is lifted from lower level to higher level with the help of pumps and other equipments. Construction of dams and canals helped tremendously to increase the irrigated area laying at lower level than the dam level, but scarcity of water remained the problem for higher level areas. So as to bring higher level area under irrigation L.I.S. are taken up.

Requirements of L.I.S

  • Water Source: Suitable and constant water source should be available for whole year at the site of LIS. Water can be made available through Dams, K.T. Weir, River canal etc.
  • Lifting Medium: To lift water to the desired location, lifting medium i.e. pumps are required. Depending upon the Duty point head, discharge the different types of pumps are selected.
  • Conveying Medium: Rising main may be of steel, concrete or any other suitable material.

LIS Schematic Diagram

Advantages of L.I.S.

  • L.I.S. made irrigation possible at higher level.
  • Land acquisition problem in L.I.S. is less.
  • Water losses are low.